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Question.. [29 May 2002|11:04pm]

Whats your favorite neopet (type and color)?
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2nd Contest... [28 May 2002|09:02pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

We have 2 things up for grabs.

1. We'll draw a number between 1-15 (like before).

2. This one will last until June 19th. And it will involve raffle tickets. This is how this one will go... We will have multipliable items up on the trading section; probably about 20 by the time we're ended -- depending on how many people wish to participate. It will only cost you 5np (if you don't have that we'll talk about it) per trade... this will help us get this contest going. When you trade on the trading block we well send your item that you used to trade back (of course) and we'll send you 5 raffle tickets though neo mail (or regular email if you'd like)

We hope this contest goes well! Good Luck!

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Hi Ya! [28 May 2002|08:11pm]

I hope all members can join soon so that they can get in on the things that we are going to try and do :)
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[28 May 2002|04:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]


I'm so sorry about slacking off! I'm been busy with work, and all of a sudden there's an lj community for the club. ^-^v

Spiffiness! *.*

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